PBT for Children and Teens

The concept of a Pause Button Therapy remote control is effortlessly grasped by children and teens. They don’t worry about how it works – they immediately understand that it does. PBT provides an easy to use structure that works with the brain to help children initiate change in their lives.

What kind of issues has PBT been successful in helping with?

|| Behaviour change
|| Anger management
|| Conflict resolution
|| Anxiety
|| Exam focus
|| Enuresis (bed wetting)
|| Autism Spectrum Disorder
|| Mental distraction
|| Inability to concentrate
|| Disordered eating
|| Harmful habits
|| Self responsibility

Parents say the PBT cards and devices create a common language and give a focus to support change – both for the child and them! The process is very gentle; the way the cards and devices are used can be adapted to suit the child. It allows children to start to make better decisions about how they react rather than always being told how to behave by others. The ideas for possible solutions come from them, and with practice, give lasting results.

“We believe that if we can get children used to thinking before they act; training them how to access this essential life skill – PBT will have a lasting social impact.”

One of the most common challenges for schools is supporting children and young people to manage their behaviour. Self-responsibility starts with an awareness of consequences. Using PBT to support behaviour change saves time, energy and creates better relationships.
Over 80 staff have already been trained to use PBT in education settings. Participants include School leaders, Teachers, Support staff, Mentors, Lunch time Supervisors, Educational Psychologists and Behaviour specialists.

The PBT process is easy to implement and sits alongside existing strategies. It takes up a relatively short amount of staff time, but provides significant outcomes for pupils.

How does PBT contribute to raising standards?

Children who feel more relaxed and confident in themselves are more effective learners. PBT is a tool that they can use to change their reactions to events. Once unwanted behaviours are significantly reduced or cease – the child is more on task – this will have an impact on improved progress if they are engaging with learning.

Pause Button Therapy does not replace any of the systems already in place in schools. It is a device – a bit like a Universal remote – that makes other strategies work more effectively. Our intention is to provide schools with a high impact, economical tool that is sustainable, over time.
Staff say…

“PBT is a very practical way of putting across both the consequences message and showing children how to choose other options in terms of behaviour. I think it is important to really appreciate that quite a few of our children get stuck in a cycle of unhelpful reactions. This remote idea gives them something very tangible and seems to be easy to use.”

“I’ve been really pleased with how little of my time it takes up. We planned to have 2 ten minute sessions a week. I was a bit dubious, but it actually only needs that amount of time for 4 of my group of 5. I spend a little bit longer with the other child, but he has a statement for ADHD. But it’s still only an extra five minutes at lunchtime if he needs it.”

 width=“I have been surprised that the children easily decide how their band works best for them. They each seem to create their own strategies on top of the ideas we share in sessions. After the initial workshop, they ‘got’ how it works and seemed to just fly with it. I think it helps that it is tactile and they are aware of it on their wrist. I thought I’d have to explain it a lot more, but to them it’s become a part of their thinking very quickly.”
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