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pause button therapy

It only takes a moment to make all the difference in life: maybe a couple of minutes, maybe just a few short seconds.  In order to reflect whether you’re heading along the right path. Or, alternatively, whether you could be so much more confident, happier and healthier. If you just thought things through a little more carefully and decided that the outcome would be better all round if you took a different route. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if you got a second chance to make choices! What wouldn’t we all give to rewind and take another shot at this, that, or the other ill-judged action. Unfortunately, however, second chances rarely exist. And, we know full well that, for most of us, making the right choice isn’t always a piece of cake. And, of course, our ‘snap judgments' rarely turn out to be our best ones. PBT TactileCBT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy


How does the song go? ‘Regrets, I’ve had a few…’ How many political leaders wish they had thought for a moment, before they said, what they said, in a live TV interview? Also, how many celebrities wish they could roll back the clock and avoid an embarrassing paparazzi moment? And how many people in the world wish they could wind back time and not have had that last drink, which took them over the drink drive limit?

TactileCBT Pause Button Therapy

What if you could freeze time...?

So, how helpful would it be, if in just a few sessions, we could show our patients/clients how it was possible at a cognitive level, to freeze time, for a few seconds?  What if they could press pause, just like when they were watching a movie? And then use that time, to consider the consequences of the actions they were about to take, simultaneously weighing up the possible alternatives?  Would they snap at their husband, or wife, so sharply? Or would they shout at their child when they’re winding them up? Would their child think twice about bullying? And potentially, would a young gang member think of the consequences of their actions if they pulled a knife? How many people have written a text message, pressed 'Send', then a minute later desperately wished they had paused and thought it through first?

Pause Button Therapy Tactile CBT Cognitive Behaviour Training

PBT TactileCBT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

This is precisely where this new, deceptively simple therapy comes in. It's a 'twist', 'add on', or possibly an 'alternative' to traditional Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Pause Button Therapy, or TactileCBT, is a proven, unique and interactive psychological technique that can rapidly effect change in people's lives.  Therefore, unlike traditional Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which is Passive, PBT is Tactile. PBT is a part of Oxford Therapeutics Limited. PBT TactileCBT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

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This new, fresh approach may possibly be the first upgrade to CBT for over fifty years. It empowers people, allowing them to mentally press pause, or freeze time. Consequently, maybe for the first time in their lives, they can take a few seconds, or minutes, to really consider the consequences of the actions they are about to take. And then, stepping back into the 'now', they are in a position to make a more informed choice.

PBT Remote control for the mind - Pause Button Therapy Tactile CBT Cognitive Behaviour Training

PBT TactileCBT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

The therapy provides users with two take away tools. Firstly, the physical, or imaginary PBT remote control; a credit card type item, resembling a remote control unit. And secondly, the PBT wrist bands, which the user, if they choose to, can wear on their dominant wrist. It is true, however, that many therapists successfully incorporate the approach into their therapeutic practices without the physical card or band. With Pause Button Therapy we are not offering the impossible, just suggesting something we probably do most days anyway: Hit the Pause Button! You can view both items in the Shop section of this site. 

pause button therapy

Pause Button Therapy

PBT has been used to treat a wide range of people. One unusual use of the approach is by discharge nurses at a UK hospital. They explained that the team uses PBT with those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at time of discharge. Encouraging them to 'Press Pause' and to start thinking about their food choices, becoming aware of the consequences of their actions around their food and drink choices.  Martin and Marion Shirran use it regularly to treat an extensive range of issues, from addictions and depression, to bulimia and road rage. The therapy gained global media interest when it was successfully used to treat obesity. Over a thousand people have travelled from around the world to visit their Elite Clinic in Spain. You can view a list of recent uses on the Who Can Benefit page.

PBT TactileCBT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

One of the benefits of PBT as a therapy is that it can produce successful results in just a few sessions. This is achieved using an intervention that is easy to grasp, user friendly, interesting to engage with and empowering for the client. Clients frequently report that for the first time in many years they feel truly in control of themselves and their destiny. They become agents of change, shaping their therapeutic journey and their future. The approach emphasises, and delivers, lifelong change. It also teaches the client useful techniques and strategies to achieve this. The book Pause Button Therapy was published by Hay House in New York.

Pause Button Therapy Tactile CBT Cognitive Behaviour Training

Single session results. On occasions, in a single brief session, clients have successfully integrated Pause Button Therapy, along with its devices, into their lives, with surprising favourable results. As an example, we have heard of individuals involved with Alcohol Awareness sharing the approach, encouraging people to consider the implications and the consequences of their actions around their alcohol consumption. We have also experimented with a single session approach on day of release with individuals leaving a Young Offenders Institution. They have some big choices to make the consequences of which may well be life changing.

TactileCBT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

You can read on the pages of this website just why so many practitioners around the world have endorsed Pause Button Therapy. Psychologies Magazine featured PBT.

Psychologies Magazine - Pause Button Therapy Tactile CBT Cognitive Behaviour Training

Additionally, academics, including Professor Zimbardo, of Stanford University, and Professor Dryden, of Goldsmiths University, London have recognised its value. Professor Zimbardo's Time Perspective Therapy also offers some similarities to PBT. His description of the Time Partitions we work in, and the effects this has on our lives, in a way describes mental time travel, which is at the core of PBT/TactileCBT. Martin and Marion Shirran, the developers, were delighted to be invited by Professor Zimbardo to share both the stage and the Clinical Evidence of their work at two global psychology conferences. Firstly at Coimbra University in Portugal, followed by a second at Warsaw University in Poland.

CBT,PBT Training and conference Warsaw University

Allow Clients to 'Freeze Time'

Professor Georgiou of Cyprus University, " PBT is wonderfully simple, but simply effective".

The new therapy technique teaches people how to freeze time. As a result, it empowers them to break out of the negative habits and unconscious responses. PBT is based on an incredibly simple idea, but can be used for a whole host of issues. It provides often vital additional thinking time, allowing a person to consider the potential consequences of their action and adjust their behaviour accordingly.

PBT TactileCBT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Therapists wishing to incorporate PBT into their treatment protocols are now invited to download the extensive Therapists Training Manual and Client Work Book. Consequently, this allows them to share this exciting new approach with their clients and patients. Please visit the Shop section of the site.

Therapist Training Manual

On the pages of this website we share details on the history of the new approach, introduce the new, downloadable Therapists Training Manual, and Client Work Book. We also share with readers details of a small selection of case studies of past users. Clients themselves can now purchase their own Pause Button Cards and Wrist Bands, (Devices) along with the new Client Work Book. Visit the PBT Shop.

Pause Button Therapy Tactile CBT Cognitive Behaviour Training

Pause Button Therapy/TactileCBT is for anyone who’s ever made a mistake in their life and never wants to make one again. It's for anyone who wants to make a change.

Contact Us for further information regarding our PBT Cards and Wrist Bands, Work Books or the new Therapists Training Manual. We look forward to helping you change your life, or, of course, assisting you to help others. Please use the contact form and we will be pleased to answer any outstanding questions you may have.  Email us here

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“He’s quite a lot calmer and I can see him thinking before he does something. Even though some things still get to him, he gets over it a lot quicker and he’s not hitting out.”

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