What can I use Pause Button Therapy for ?

PBT can be used in any situation where you would benefit from additional thinking time. The PBT bands and cards provide us with a reminder to think and act differently in certain situations. It is easy to use and helps give people thinking time in situations that are stressful, or with behaviours they want to change.

Does it work straight away ?

You may notice an effect straight away, but like most new skills, PBT works best when it is practised. By using it frequently, new habits are formed to replace old behaviour patterns.

What makes it work ?
  • Wanting to make a change.
  • Taking time to pause and think decisions and choices through.
  • Choosing to do things differently.
  • Taking action - getting the ideas out of your head and into your life!
  • Realising that YOU have the answers.
Can both adults and children benefit from PBT ?

Definitely! PBT has been successfully used in trials in primary schools to improve pupils' behaviour problems, and over 500 adults have used Pause Button Therapy in the last four years to help with issues including:

weight loss, anger management, addiction, anxiety and panic attacks, diabetes management, behaviour, parenting skills, debt management and better relationship communication.

Can I use it on my own without any input from a therapist?
 Yes, of course, if you have read the Pause Button Therapy book, then you will be able to use the Pause Button technique for yourself, but working through it with a trained therapist will encourage a higher success rate than doing it on your own.
Can anyone train to be a Pause Button Therapist?

Pause Button Therapy closely follows the fundamental principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, therefore people who are already working in a therapeutic environment, such as hypnotherapy, or CBT, will be ideal candidates to train as a Pause Button Therapist. We have also successfully trained members of caring / educational professions, such as teachers, nurses and social workers.

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