What is Pause Button Therapy ?

Pause Button Therapy

"A proven unique interactive psychological technique that can effect change in people's lives"

PBT – is a new therapy based on an idea so simple a small child can understand and use it almost immediately. It has a broad diversity of applications. If someone knows how to use a remote control, they know how to press pause, fast-forward, rewind, and ultimately, play.

In UK primary school trials, children proved they were able to not only grasp the concept, but were able to incorporate it positively into their lives after just a few hours' tuition. Yet PBT equally shows beneficial results when being used to help treat a wide range of other behaviour issues, from road rage to relationship problems, from OCD to bulimia. PBT has also been successfully used to treat obesity and addictions, and a number of public and commercial applications have also been identified.

PBT uses the idea of the Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward and Play buttons on remote control devices, to help people give themselves more thinking time when faced with decisions. It teaches them how to ensure they make the best possible use of that time to weigh up the potential consequences of their actions. This allows them to live more successfully in the present.

"The time when individuals could rely on others to overcome their problems for them is long past. Current trends are moving away from dependency on institutions and towards more personal autonomy. Everyone needs to be able to make responsible decisions regarding their behaviour and take control of their own lives". Dr. Theano V Kalavana, Scientific Director, Pause Button Therapy International.

PBT has been proven to be a unique psychological technique to effect change. It is an interactive tool, it is tactile rather than passive. It has been shown to support other therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness-based interventions and NLP.

You can watch a selection of videos which explain Pause Button Therapy (PBT) on our YouTube channel.