Pause Button Therapy empowers people, allowing them to press pause, freeze time and consider the consequences of the actions they are about to take before making a more informed choice. It is a proven unique interactive psychological technique that can effect change in people's lives

How helpful would it be if we could occasionally just pause – freeze time like they do in the movies for a few moments and consider the consequences of the actions we are about to take? If we "paused" for a second to think how things might turn out differently? Would you snap at your husband or wife so sharply? Would you shout at your child when they’re winding you up? Would your child think twice about bullying in the playground? Would a young gang member think of the consequences of their actions if they pulled a knife?

Pause Button Therapy is an innovative new therapy technique that allows you to do exactly this, empowering you to break out of the negative habits and unconscious responses. PBT is based on an incredibly simple idea, but can be used for a whole host of issues. It provides additional thinking time, allowing a person to consider the potential consequences of their action and adjust their behaviour accordingly.

The New Pause Button Therapy Book

For anyone who’s ever made a mistake in their life and never wants to make one again.
It's for anyone who wants to make a change.

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Martin and Marion's new book - Cruise Yourself Slim

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"The PBT concept addresses the vital moment of decision making in all our lives - continue with the old pattern, or break it and create a new one. It is an effective and modern approach to an age old problem. As the book says 'all the best ideas are simple"
Nick Clements, author of 'The New Ages of Men'

"The Pause Button Therapy Book clearly describes a technique that can be employed to very good effect in a range of therapies. I recommend its' use"
Windy Dryden PhD
Professor of Psychotherapeutic Studies
Goldsmiths University of London

"PBT is a very simple yet powerful form of therapy, it has the potential to change lives for the better and in doing so have a positive impact on the stresses in today's world"
Lynn Crilly, author and counsellor

"This approach makes sense to everyone, from teachers to psychologists to parents and students. It is wonderfully simple, but simply effective. I am finding it to be a great tool for my work."
Stelios N. Georgiou
Professor of Educational Psychology
University of Cyprus

PBT Feedback

"The band helps, I use it most at playtimes. I know it's time to use it when someone says or does something to me. Now I find a teacher and don't just react."

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