PBT Therapist Training Manual


The PBT Training Manual is available in downloadable PDF format and offers introductory training in a therapeutic approach that will supplement and extend existing therapeutic qualifications and skills. It also includes a re-printable PDF copy of the PBT Client Work Book. The Manual will:

  • Summarise the origins of Pause Button Therapy/TactileCBT and the developmental process that has led to its current position in the therapeutic field.
  • Describe the theories and research that underpin TactileCBT.
  • Explain the differences between TactileCBT and other CBT-based interventions, and the contribution that it makes to the field of therapy.
  • Demonstrate how Pause Button Therapy/TactileCBT can be used to enhance and further develop current clinical practice.
  • Show how you can apply Pause Button Therapy/TactileCBT techniques to improve the well-being and outcomes of clients immediately.

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