About Pause Button Therapy International

Gay JonesGay Jones is an educationalist who has specialised in school improvement and change for over two decades. After completing her Bachelor of Education with First Class Honours at Birmingham, she went on to complete a Master of Arts degree at Warwick University.

Gay has been instrumental in developing programmes to raise standards in writing and numeracy, transform learning environments, improve family involvement and implement emotional literacy strategies. She has developed and delivered a range of training programmes for staff at all levels.

Gay's work with individuals and organisations includes motivational and personal development programmes; she holds a practitioner qualification in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and is a qualified Energy for Life coach.

Martin and Marion ShirranMartin and Marion Shirran own and run the Elite Clinics in Fuengirola, Spain; where they use a combination of therapies to successfully treat a wide range of problems. They are the pioneers and trade mark owners of the Gastric Mind Band therapy, which has received world wide acclaim, since the publication of their book Shirran’s Solution the Gastric Mind Band in 2010 they have divided their time between treating private clients and the training and accreditation of therapists from other parts of the world.

They both hold Diplomas in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and are certified and registered with the American Board and British Institute of Hypnotherapy. Martin and Marion are both registered in the UK with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. Marion is also a member of the UK IBS Register. During 2005 Martin undertook additional training and gained a primary certificate in R.E.B.T. (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) at the School of Psychology at Birmingham University, he is also a member of the United Kingdom Society for Behavioural Medicine and the International Hypnosis Research Institute.

The initial development of the Pause Button therapy was undertaken at their Elite Clinic where they continue to provide the therapy to individuals presenting with a wide range of physiological problems.

Dr Theano V KalavanaDr Theano V Kalavana received her PhD in the area of Health Psychology in 2007 from the University of Cyprus. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Philosophy, Education and Psychology, with Specialization in Psychology at the National and Capodistrian University of Athens, Greece and she received her Master of Science in Health Psychology from the University of Surrey, UK.

Her main area of research focuses on the contribution of Self-regulation cognitions and skills in altering health behaviours. In 2007 as a Fulbright Scholar she traveled to the USA (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Mind Body Center (PMBC) and the Wellness Institute, Memorial Hospital of the Northwestern University Chicago) for her further training on Self-regulation and Health. The past few years she has been teaching as a Visiting Lecturer at the Department of Psychology of the University of Cyprus and at the Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health of the Cyprus University of Technology. Since 2008 two of her projects were funded (from EU Structural Funds, Republic of Cyprus and Research Promotion Organization). These projects titled "Physical activity, nutritional habits and self-regulation as factors of health and development-an example Cyprus and Egypt" and "The development of self-regulation skills in the clinical setting".

Dr Theano V Kalavana has presented her work as a speaker in International Professional Conferences such as the Annual European Health Psychology Society Conference, the International Congress of Psychology and the European Congress of Psychology. She has published her research in Scientific Journals such as Journal of Health Psychology, International Journal of Public Health, Appetite, Medical Health Science Journal and Educational Psychology in Practice.

Communications DirectorJonathan has a HND in broadcast television, and worked for British Telecom as a senior outside broadcast engineer, providing live television and radio links from major UK sporting events and concerts to the BBC and commercial radio and television broadcasters.

He later worked in the IT sector and was appointed as IT and Communications Director to a UK Internet services company.

Since 2001 he has returned to the visual media sector where he now runs Vector Productions, a film and video production company based in the Midlands.